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what are your rates?

My hourly/day rates are fixed, while I offer bespoke travel rates depending on what we get up to; location, duration and proposed itinerary. If I am joining you on your business trip during which I'll spend significant time solo, I will offer a rate that reflects that. And If you wanted to indulge me in experiencing one of the fantasy adventures together off my curated travel wishlist...some are those trips are so unique and so exciting; that the travel rate I quote will more than reflect my eagerness to go. envelope must be displayed in clear view privately, and during public meetings should be discreetly tucked into a book or a gift bag.

how are you handling risk + safety during Covid-19?

You can read the update I posted on September 1st about pre-cautions and new protcols here at this link.

do you accept same-day bookings?

last-minute appointments simply aren't possible, being as I occupy my out of state residence most the month and have a busy life outside of companionship. I recommend getting in touch prior to at least inquire about my upcoming availability. one week advance notice is ideal.

what are your screening and deposit/cancellation procedures?

SCREENING: Mutal discreton and safety is a must. Pre-screening is done via my encrypted booking form. I collect your info through secure means, then destroy that data once I have met you. You have my word that I will honor your privacy and personal information. I ask for what I feel is the bare minimum of info needed to safely spend intimate time with a complete stranger. I of course respect your desire for a certain amount of anonymity, however verification is non-negotiable. If you do not understand this, then please do not contact me. DEPOSITS: 50% non-refunable deposit to confirm bookings 50% Cancellation fee + payment apps, cc invoice, bitcoin and mailed cash are accepted. If find you need to cancel and reschedule our plans, with 48+ hours notice your deposit will be applied to our future date. A non refundable 50% cancellation fee will be collected if you are to cancel less than 48 hours ahead of our date, however the original deposit will be applied towards a future date booked within 12 months. Should you need to move our travel plans, please give me notice at least 72 hours prior to my flights, to retain original depoist towards rescheduling within 3 months. A second 50% depsit will be required to secure the reschedueld date. In the incredibly rare event that I would need to cancel our plans; after sheepish apologies, your deposit is fully refundable or I can also hold onto it for a rain-check, and likely offer some additional time off the clock to our next engagement, like meeting for cocktails.

do you host Incalls? accept outcalls?

If you’d prefer an incall visit, I can easily arrange a boutique hotel or apartment for us in downtown Manhattan. Please add $300 to deposit to assist in the obscenity that is the cost of hotels in New York City. Other cities: add $200. For outcalls, I am happy to meet at 4-5 star hotels. If you're an established suitor, we can also plan our dalliances at your private residence. travel stipend and booking minmums apply.

can I bring a gift?

*squeal* I love presents! Gifts and spoiling are not expected or necessary....but if you wanted to truly make my day/week//year (and in a few instances, actully change my life) I have a curated wishlist here . The cutest shrieks of joy coming from recieving products and services that promote my well-being, decorate my home and subsidize my creative endeavors! I am very intentional about the thingts I buy, consume and bring into my home. So If you would like to gift me something not listed on my wishlists, please ask me first.

how do you feel about long-term arrangements?

Very positively indeed. Weekly and monthly arrangement packages are listed. I will only explore a monthly or exclusive arrangement with someone I have already met, so let's make dinner plans and discuss!

why don't you want to be reviewed?

I feel very strongly about mutual respect. I would never compromise your privacy by speaking about the moments we shared in strict confidence, and I will appreciate you affording me the same right by keeping those details between just you and I. Legally speaking, the review system is unsafe and indiscreet (and in my opinion unseemly). Nevermind that in addition to all the unique qualities we all have; beauty and personal preferences are entirely subjective and therefore cannot be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. I put no weigfht or merit in the review system and expect my no-review policy to be respected. thank you.

Do you tour?

I do not tour. I am available in by travel invitation globally. You perhaps saw my ad in your city, but I am neither there nor touring there. I am however available to be in your city, once you book me to be in your city. Life is short, fly the girl out! USA fly me to you : whatever my current booking minimum is. Internatinoal fly me to you: overnight booking minimun

how should I contact you?

I lead a busy life and recommend contacting me at least one-week in advance to at least inquire about my availability. The booking form on my site is how I prefer you to schedule first time dates. I recommend approaching this conversation as you would traditional dating. Be professional, be respectful. Your thorough booking form gives me a headstart determining compatability and if we may be a good fit, so don't skimp on the details. I am available on an extremely limited basis, accepting very few new clients: so best foot forward ;-) After we have met, email remains my main method of communication. Unless we are traveling together, messaging apps, phone calls and texting are not discreet practices.

are you reference friendly?

I absolutely am. If we’ve met in the last 6 months I am more than happy to provide a one-time reference for you if another provider contacts me for one. Please drop me a note prior to let me know you have consented to me divulging details about your character, if a reference is requested.

who are your clients?

Blue colar, white colar, uppper crust... My clients are a little bit of everybody: all genders and orientations, ethnic and professional backgrounds, and ages that reflect having lived a little. The one thing they all share in common though is generosity; not only financially but a generosity of spirit; the type to open doors for others, and treat waiters exceptionally well. They have a strong lean towards adventure, prefer understated experiences and most of all they, like myself, have a deep desire for authentic connection and playfulness. I am very choosy (as you are) and I prefer to keep a small clique of admirers and only see a few people each month. Get in where you fit it.

I want to travel together, what are the logistics?

Stop me if you've heard this one before....."I love to travel" Cliche of all escort cliches! but is when I get to be celebrated as a plucky person. I am an easy traveler, not easily frayed by travel mishaps, someone with a finger on the pulse; having mastered the 3-day international holiday, and all but perfected the day-trip. My style of travel is more free-form vs. adhering to a set itinerary. Save for a few agenda items that might require some forethought; like tickets to the sold out show or hard come by dinner reservations...I prefer to leave the rest up to whim which allows for all the little moments of magic in-between. LOGISTICS This process is relatively simply: After receiving your booking form and discussing dates/itinerary ideas, my assistant collects deposit from you then I promptly book all my own travel: planes, trains, automobiles (and any required visas, transfers). RULES

  • I require 7 hours uninterrupted sleep.
  • I appreciate 2-4 hours to myself each day during multi-day travel so I can hit the gym, attend to basic business matters and primp for our outtings.
  • We weren't raised by wolves; no rolling over and trying to kiss me before taking a toothbrush to your mouth!
  • Then unless you rattle the windows with your snoring or fitful flailing or some other egregious sleeping habit; I prefer to be bedfellows with you on all our travel dates. I make an excellent little-spoon and also look especially darling in the morning fresh-faced and ready for our planned adventures.

when will I receive my custom-order from your online store?

Since these machines are pretty rare globally and most of their locations rather conspicuous...and the process itself a bit risky and time sensitive; it makes fulfilling smutty custom orders that much more calculated and challenging. But I do love a challenge...especially an erotic one! You paid good money, and I promise I'll deliver. up to one month wait, plus typical mail shipping time. *If you are reading this FAQ and have no idea what I'm talking ahout: there is a hidden link (hiding in plain sight!) that sends you to my online store. keep browsing, you'll find it! Once you do, custom orders are via email.

what about shorter dates?

Nope. First of all we are in a panemic, so I am trying to reduce my exposure to the virus, not increase it. At this time, the shortest introduction I offer is the 5 hour dinner date. Secondly, building rapport and an organic connection with my suitors is very important to me, so I am not inclined to meet people overly focussed on fly-by-night encounters. I withold the option to require 9+ hour booking minimums. Social time is required for all dates 3+ hours in length.

where are you based? Can you come to me?

*March 2020 Update* I have relocated outside of NYC for duration of the pandemic. As a companion, I am based in New York City. As a multi-faceted woman with a company, life and family outside of the sexwork industry; I also maintain a residence out of state, the majority of the time. I am eternally location-flexible and I love fly me to you (or train me to you) dates... let's plan one! USA fly me to you : whatever my current booking minimum is. Internatinoal fly me to you: overnight booking minimun